Company Details
Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: South America
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: G.E.T
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
Company Description
GET (General East Co. Ltd) is a manufacturer and trader only for global market. We specialize in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of Semi-trailers, tankers, Refrigerator trucks etc in the global market, and their key parts of semi-trailers like Axles ( BPW, SAF, Fuwa), Suspension( leaf spring, bogie , air-spring), Kingpin( JOST), Fifth wheel(JOST), Landing Gear( Jost, Fuwa), Tank trucks like Manhole Cover, Emergency Valves, Vapor Recovery valves, bottom loading API adaptor Valves, Anti-Flow sensor etc. 

Our principal products have more than a dozen of series ,Over 3000 models which had been justified to fit for different country . We have a complete lines for truck industry areas from parts and tools to complete vehicles and special solutions for transport them at SKD and CKD type.

In the last several years, our business partners and we have visited clients in Angola, Tanzania, Algeria, Mauritania, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, South Sudan, Ethiopia, for face to face meetings with clients. This enables us to really gain an understanding of clients business needs and their specific problems they themselves face in their businesses and particular locations, so we can fully understand what their requirements are.

We also recently sent technicians to help clients build and operate the machinery and goods we have procured in the last few years to; Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia.

Welcome to G.E.T, a very personal and professional service for your Chinese trailers and tankers needs.


Spare Parts Service

 Tanker Spare Parts
        Manhole Cover Assemblies
        Bottom Valve Assembles
        API Adaptor Assemblies
        Vapor Recovery System
        Anti-Overfill System

 Semi-Trailer Parts
                   German BPW Type Axle
                   America FUWA Type Axle
                   Disc Brake Axle
                  Air Spring Suspension
                  Bogie Suspension
                  Mechanical Suspension
        Landing Gear-Kingpin,Chamber etc.

Tanker Semi-Trailer & Trucks
             Aluminum Tanker
             Carbon Steel Tanker Semi-Trailer
             Chemical Tanker Semi-Trailer
             Cryogenic Liquid Lorry Tanker
             Liquid Gas Lorry Tanker
             Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer
Refrigerator Vehicles
             Freezing Van kit
        Refrigerator Semi-Trailers

Low Bed Semi-Trailer

Plate Form Semi-Trailer

Flat Bed Semi-Trailer

Skeleton Semi-Trailer

Tractor Trucks
              HOWO 7 Series
              HOWO A7 Series
Dump Trucks
              Howo 7 Series
Vehicles In Store

We will do our best to manufacture and supply the best and specialized products for different customers , to help them moving the world and enjoy their life.



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