40 Feet-3 Axles- Single Tire-Light Sleletal Semi-Trailer

40 Feet-3 Axles- Single Tire-Light Sleletal Semi-Trailer 9403TJZTH
overall outside dimension(mm) Length 12600
Width 2480
Height (unload) 1620
Outside dimension of Drop Side body(mm) Length  
GVW(kg) 40000
vehicle total weight(kg) 6300
rated payload(kg) 33700
Wheel base(mm) 7160+1310+1310
Tread(mm) Tread at front  
Tread at rear 2040/2040/2040
Front/Rear Overhang(mm) /1715
Approach/Departure angle(°) /20
Rated payload of Vehicle saddle 16000
Axle BPW 12T*3
Axle Capacity kgs /8000/8000/8000
Tyres 425/65R22.5*6
Trailer Material  Carbon Steel
Transport Material :  20'*1+2*20'+1*40"
Insulated Cover nile
Suspension Leaf Spring 
Leaf Spring 7/7/7
40 ft goose neck type (three single births), Photo: 12 of the lock, the election with a small platform, the guide block and the middle to strengthen the beams and locks, traction pin at frame total height of 210mm.
Wanan + Comet + under the WABCO cross section size of groove 60 x 160mm high from the 500mm
The semi-trailer series made by G.E.T are produced in accordance with the relevant standard of China and America, adopting axles, suspension, braking and electric systems of German or USA or brand products of China.

1. The above specification includes a 2.5” JOST Kingpin and Landing Gears.
2. The axles used are German engineered 12-ton BPW, SAF or FUWA.
3. We can also supply customers with BPW ECO-type axles.
4. The suspension system is a tri-axle mechanical spring system licensed under SAF of Germany or the Air Spring Suspension of Germany Engineered.
5. The springs included in this system are 4” wide and are standard 13-leaf.
This is the industry standard in East and Central Africa.
6. Braking system is composed of WABCO valves and relays. This includes a parking brake system that lock the last 2 axles in place when the trailer is parked.
7. The tyre is 12 or 11 Radial 22.5 Tubeless, tofit for the high temperature. you can also choose the single tyre to reduce the weight of the weight.
Chassis Specifications
Type: ST52-3 (20mm)/Q345
•Ingredients:(%) C: 0.12-0.20
Mn: 1.20-1.60
Si:0. 20-0.55"
S:0. 045
P:0. 045
•Physical Performance: 16Mn"
The thickness of the steel and its diameter (mm):
Tensile strength (MPa): 510-660-; 490-640; 470-620;
470-620; 470-620
Yield strength (MPa): 345; 325; 345; 295; 275 kgf/mm2: 35; 33; 35; 30; 28
Percentage of elongation(%≥): 22; 21; 21; 21; 20



Skeleton Semi-Trailer

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